Distrokid, to me seems like the best online music distribution option out there. Of course there’s many ‘better’ options for different people but they would have to take in to consideration their personal goals. One of my favorite things about Distrokid is that you can upload an unlimited amount of songs for only $19.99/yr. They have super quick uploads to iTunes (2-4/hrs). They’re commission-less. They’ll also email you along the entire process so you know when your product is live on other websites. However they only upload to: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Beats, Deezeer, Rdio, YouTube Music Key, and Shazam. They pay you monthly too unlike a lot of their competitors. If you create a lot of music and are uploading constantly this would definitely be the way to go, if you ask me.

Oh, and Derek Sivers (founder of CD Baby) and Jeff Price (founder of Tunecore) highly recommend Distrokid. (Both are no longer working at those companies).



The CwF+RtB business model means “Connecting with fans and Reason to buy.” It seems like a simple enough concept but it’s seemingly the most effective business model out there today. You don’t even have to be specifically talking about music, it pretty much applies to any business. Trent Reznor is really known for using this business model successfully. Techdirt came up with this model and they have a detailed description here: (http://goo.gl/awGcEA). I would highly recommend atleast trying out the CwF+RtB model because what do you have to lose? I bet you’ll see results.

Whole Lotta Problems

Here’s a track I made a couple quarters ago. It’s a mashup between Led Zeppelin and Jay-Z. I really don’t know where the inspiration came from to make this but I still had a good time putting it together. I know it’s not very good but it’s decent for my first time I think.

It took some time to find good quality versions of the vocals and music. At first I tried stripping the vocals off of their respective tracks but I found out that doing it that way makes it sound really flat and tinny and you don’t get rid of a some of the music because of the studio reverb.