Branching Literacy

Branching literacy is all about being “characterized by good multidimensional spatial orientation – the ability to remain oriented and avoid getting lost in hyperspace while navigating through complex knowledge domains, despite the intricate navigation paths they may take.” (Eshet-Alkalai 2005) To me, this basically means knowing how interconnected everything is or can be on the internet and being able to manipulate them to your needs.

The concept of ‘Branching Literacy’ does have some negative side affects as well. Most of the information we find on the internet today is just little shreds taken from an infinite amount of different resources. This leaves people reliant on this non-linear form of finding information and it steers away from the old styles of finding information such as reading a book or an entire subject to understand something.


The internet

We’ve all seen this picture in class before but I still think it’s crazy that websites that were blowing up 5 to 10 years ago are basically obsolete at this point. It makes me wonder if huge websites like Facebook or even Google could become obsolete. Even though they’re heavily used right now, someone could come along any day and make something better.historyoftheinternet-timeline